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Are you a skilled and dedicated worker struggling to find a job that is rewarding and pays well? Consider working in Canada!

Volte is actively searching the globe for job seekers willing to relocate to Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. There are many jobs available as many Canadian workers are retiring and finding skilled personnel to replace them with, is challenging. The region is desperate for skilled tradesmen, truck drivers, health care providers, janitorial, restaurant personnel and retail positions. Many local businesses have more projects than they need because they don’t have enough skilled employees to do the work.
Submit a resume or fill out the resume template and we will try to match you with an company looking for your skill set. Once résumés are received they will be reviewed and credentials confirmed. If we can match you with a potential employer, then we will arrange an interview. If you are chosen to join a company after the interview Volte can also assist you thru the Canadian visa process. Volte is a recruiting agency with a licenced Immigration Consultant. We can guide the new immigrating worker thru the complex details of the Canadian visa system.

Volte does not charge job seekers to find them a job. Doing so is illegal and should be reported to the Canadian authorities.

Volte is committed to provide you with excellent services. To assist you better a registration is required to submit your resume: Please fill-out the registration form to start. We will not consider incomplete registration information.

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    Please follow the guidelines below:
    • Provide position desired.
    • Submit resume in detail, this includes full name, contact information (email & contact number), current address, nationality,
    • The resume must also indicate your educational background, language/s spoken, work experience (job title, job description, company name, years of employment, location etc.) character references and other related information that can help you land a job in Canada.
    • Include information about your language test (English and/or French) if you have any (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening). Must provide the name of the English test taken, date of examination and the scores in all categories.
    • Do not include other documents yet in your registration. Documents will only be ask if you qualify for the position and when necessary.
    • Submitted resume must be in English.


    Submitting a profile does not automatically guarantee acquisition of desired job position. We will only assess and contact qualified applicants for interview.

    Fill-out an assessment form to start your journey with us. The initial assessment is FREE!